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Address: No. 22 Juyang Road, Mingfeng Town, Yuanan County, Hubei, China Phone: 0717-3810609

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About Dongyang

Company Profile

Company Profile

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Yichang Dongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established on April 9, 2009. The company has a general contracting level of housing construction engineering, a general contracting level of municipal public works construction, a professional contracting level of architectural decoration engineering, and highway engineering construction. The third level is general contracting, the third level is general contracting for water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, the third level is professional contracting for steel structure engineering, the third level is environmental contracting professional contracting, and the construction labor qualification is not classified into level qualification certificates. The company has 1 provincial-level construction method, 2 national invention patents, and 18 utility model patents. It is the executive director unit of Yichang Construction Industry Association, and the "new construction of teaching building" in the space expansion and function construction project of Yuan'an First High School. The two projects, "Comprehensive Building and Underground Garage New Construction Project", have been recognized by provincial authorities as "Hubei Construction Engineering Safe and Civilized Construction Site" and "Hubei Provincial Building Structure Quality Project" ; Donghuayuan) Phase I and Phase I projects, "Yuan'an County Bus Passenger Terminal Center Station and Passenger-scheduled Apartment Project", Yuan'an County Foreign Language Kindergarten Project, "Yuan'an County also builds houses, Phase I and Phase II," and many other projects have won the "Yichang City Quality Project (Yiling Cup), "Yichang City Quality Structure Project", "Yichang City Safe and Civilized Construction Site" and other honors.

The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, and has 160 engineering, technical and economic management personnel with titles, including 55 senior and middle-level titles, 5 first-level construction engineers, and 32 second-level construction engineers. The company consists of nine departments: the administrative comprehensive department, the financial department, the operating department, the pre-settlement department, the quality department, the technology department, the safety production department, the Yichang business department, and the material and equipment department; its wholly-owned subsidiary Yichang Jinhui Construction Services Limited the company. The output value in 2018 was 220 million yuan, and the taxes paid exceeded 13 million yuan . From 2010 to 2017, it was continuously rated as Yichang City's annual contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise, and in 2014, 2016, and 2018, it was named as Hubei Province's annual contract-keeping and credit-worthy enterprise. . In 2017, it was rated as an outstanding contribution enterprise of Yuan'an County. While pursuing economic benefits, the company actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and participated in charity, poverty alleviation, and student donations exceeding RMB 500,000.

Since its establishment, the company has built the comprehensive building and teaching building of Yuan'an No. 1 Senior Middle School, Yuan'an County Library, Yuan'an County Bus Passenger Transport Center, Yuan'an County Foreign Language Kindergarten, Yuan'an County Blue Sky Baby Kindergarten, Fengxiang Fengcheng Residential District, and Chengdong Garden House District, Lingxiu Tianxia Residential Area, Hongjing Oasis Residential Area, Nancheng Yipin Residential Area, Qifeng Sunshine Residential Area, Employment Training Building, Antai Building Materials Home Market, Antai Low-rent Housing, Old County Office Building, Special Education School, Mingfeng junior high school student apartment, Shidefu company complex building and factory building, Taoxing Ceramics company warehouse warehouse canteen, Juyang low-rent house, Fengshan resettlement house, Mingfeng low-rent house, Yangping low-rent house, Hualin Health Center And other housing construction projects with a cumulative total of more than 800,000 M2; Jiefang Road, Hongyang Road, Huancheng Road, Juyang Road Reconstruction, Yangping Town Market Reconstruction, Peng Town Market Reconstruction, Peng Town Industrial Park Road and Drainage, Chengnan Industry Park roads and other municipal projects; Yuan'an County Tieluwan to Baiyun Highway, Yuan'an County Huabai Highway and Tongcun Highway with a cumulative length of more than 200 kilometers.

In today's increasingly fierce market competition, companies continue to focus on the cultivation and management of talents, firmly establish a corporate survival concept of "people-oriented, innovation and change, and core competition", and vigorously create an atmosphere of respect for knowledge and talent. In the process of employment, based on "ethics", know people well, create a good development platform for employees, and let employees and the company develop together. "Unity, practicality, hard work, responsibility" is the corporate spirit we always uphold. Carrying forward corporate ethics, shouldering the double responsibility of society and efficiency, uniting the hearts of the enterprises and working together to advance is the solid foundation and inexhaustible driving force for Yiyang Dongyang.

New era, new journey. Yichang Dongyang Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “standardized management, legal operation, and healthy development”, and will continue to strengthen the strength of struggle and innovation, continue to surpass itself, create glory, and inherit the field of modern engineering and construction The task of sustainable development. Carefully crafted, we are down to earth; with the world in mind, we have lofty aspirations. Based in Yichang, radiate the whole country and look at the world. Facing the future, we have only one goal: to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise and society through our own strength, and to use "integrity and quality" to build an outstanding brand in the engineering and construction industry!