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About Dongyang



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Address: No. 22 Juyang Road, Mingfeng Town, Yuanan County, Hubei, China Phone: 0717-3810609

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About Dongyang

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

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The strength of Dongyang, Yongzhu brilliant. Since its establishment, Yichang Dongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has been based on professional and technical practice in the field of engineering and construction, advocating modern and standardized management, focusing on innovation and change, and taking the future of architectural cities as its corporate blueprint to pragmatically build core competitiveness and serve the society Development of a strong engineering and construction enterprise.
In the past few years, we have performed with honor. In the field of professional practice and innovation, we have gone through the growth path of construction, development and rapid rise, and have also made achievements.
In today's increasingly fierce market competition, companies continue to focus on the cultivation and management of talents, firmly establish a corporate survival concept of "people-oriented, innovation and change, and core competition", and vigorously create an atmosphere of respect for knowledge and talent. In the process of employment, based on "ethics", know people well, create a good development platform for employees, and let employees and the company develop together. "Unity, practicality, hard work, responsibility" is the corporate spirit we always uphold. Carrying forward corporate ethics, shouldering the double responsibility of society and efficiency, uniting the hearts of the enterprises and working together to advance is the solid foundation of Yichang Dongyang and the inexhaustible driving force for development.
New era, new journey. Yichang Dongyang Co., Ltd., taking advantage of the current situation and taking advantage of it, will once again increase its strength of struggle and innovation, continue to surpass itself, create glory, and inherit the responsibility of sustainable development in the field of modern engineering and construction. Carefully crafted, we are down to earth; with the world in mind, we have lofty aspirations. Based on Yuan'an, radiate the whole country and look at the world. Facing the future, we have only one goal: to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise and society through our own strength, and to use "integrity and quality" to build an outstanding brand in the engineering and construction industry!
We are convinced that the increasingly mature Yichang Dongyang will take the company to step forward with a more stable pace, with a sense of urgency and a sense of mission. Yichang Dongyang is willing to uphold the concept of "integrity, win-win and pioneering" and work with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow!