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Address: No. 22 Juyang Road, Mingfeng Town, Yuanan County, Hubei, China Phone: 0717-3810609

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  • Entreprise's news

    Ping An Dongyang helps the 19th National Congress

    On October 16, 2017, our company received the Emergency Notice on Learning from Accidents and Comprehensively Strengthening the Safety Production Work of the Housing Construction System During the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. "10.15" Lessons from Gas Accidents at the Railway Bay Coal Mine in Maopingchang Town, Urgent Notice of Effectively Doing a Good Job in Current Work Safety, and Notice of County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau on Immediately Launching Large-scale Inspection, Supervision, and Rectification of Workplace Safety Hazard ". At 8:30 am on October 17, Dongyang quickly responded to the general manager of the safety production meeting held by Comrade Xiang Jun.


  • Entreprise's news

    "Precise Poverty Alleviation for You and Me" Dongyang Company actively participates in the poverty alleviation campaign

    October 17th is the fourth "National Poverty Alleviation Day" and the 25th "International Poverty Alleviation Day". Our county launched a series of "Poverty Alleviation Days" in the theater with the theme of "Precise Poverty Alleviation, You and Me Along" to create concern for everyone. Poverty alleviation, everyone supports poverty all, and the strong atmosphere of everyone participating in poverty alleviation work together to win the fight against poverty. Yichang Dongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. will take this activity as an opportunity to quickly respond to the county government's call and donate 100,000 yuan to actively participate in During the campaign to fight poverty all over the county, the company sincerely carried out poverty alleviation activities. The general manager of the company stated that "Although I have limited capabilities, I am a Yuanan person.


  • Entreprise's news

    Warmly congratulate the website of Yichang Dongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Warmly congratulate Yichang Dongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. website!


  • Entreprise's news

    The company's Yuan'an County Bus Passenger Terminal Station Station and Chengcheng Apartment Project won praise from many parties

    In August 2017, the station building and driver's apartment project of Yuan'an County Automobile Passenger Transport Center won the honors of safe and civilized construction site in Yichang City in the first half of 2017, high-quality engineering in Yichang's building structure, and safe site in Yuan'an County, and won the Yichang Construction Industry Association and Yuan'an County Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau was commended. The station building and driver's apartment of Yuan'an County Automobile Passenger Transport Center have deepened the project construction organization design and special plan, and carried out the detailed process control in strict accordance with the construction industry laws and regulations and standards. Construction technology innovation and the promotion of ten new technologies have gained more. Application, quality and safety standardization have been thoroughly implemented, and the project is cohesive


  • Entreprise's news

    Taking multiple measures to strengthen safety production to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents

    In order to further improve the quality of construction and production safety, Dongyang Company has carried out a series of activities, such as safety warning day, safety promotion week, and safety production month, etc., to strengthen safety production, an eternal theme of construction enterprises. The general manager of the company proposed to the general manager: "We must effectively implement the main responsibility, implement the safety responsibility layer by layer, and always adhere to the work purpose of safety first; attach importance to safety production, timely check the hidden safety hazards in all construction links, and ensure that the hidden dangers are investigated in depth and rectification measures Accuracy; enhance awareness of accident prevention and disposal capabilities to avoid production safety accidents. "During this period, conduct a safety inspection of the company's existing projects


  • Entreprise's news

    Yuanan County "Dongyang Cup" 2017 construction industry skills competition successfully held

    On April 27, the 2017 “Dongyang Cup” construction industry skill competition hosted by our company started in the driver's apartment building project department of the new station in Yuan'an. 7 teams, more than 80 players participated in plastering, masonry, tower crane operation, and 3 competitions. Zheng Xiangdong, chairman of the Yuanan County Federation of Trade Unions, announced the start of the game. At the scene, the contestants were all skilled in the technology, or flying with a tile knife, flipping bricks, or positioning accurately, and quickly formed. Everyone competes for speed and quality. It is reported that this skill competition is sponsored by the County Housing and Construction Committee and the County Federation of Trade Unions. It aims to promote the spirit of labor and craftsmanship and guide and inspire the city.